Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter from Grandparents

We  received letter from my kid  Grandparents  it was touching because I knew they are happy of me I got my Citizenship  four month  ago after a long waiting period of time to apply citizenship I'm so happy  it don't have to renew my GC. I am American Citizen now.  For a few years past I apply  unfortunately  they did not  approve the application  I was capable to apply on that time because I am living here for many  years but anyways  might be  they  were an  issue  about My status, that's already past what' matter most is today I have Citizenship I thank for the lord answering my prayer  a couple of months  ago.  On May I sent his Grandmother a card for Mothers day, My son  Grandma because they are very nice to me. My son said I miss Grandma Mom, I said too no problem we can send grandma a card  he just said Yep  well,  we have to plan to go there to see them. Grandparents.   The letter was taken after I got my Citizenship well I am very happy greatful to have them in my life  also since we get home on vacation from Phil.  My son, and my in-laws are  closer since his born every year we invited  from their family  get together so blessed to have them been a while did not see them Hoping we could see them again on Christmas. .

He is so Lucky because they are so cool and nice also since we moved out they communicate with us of course we never forget to send them a card or Christmas cards Pictures because we loved them so much its a big factor to me that we always communicate
specially they have been around on my sons since he was born he is very lucky little boy he has a good Christmas presents from them every year. I knew them for many years  six years definitely they are happy to me too.


He Join Boy Scout

My Son last year was  interested to join Boy scout  he eager to join boy scout because he would love to try and discover what's the kids do in the camping. He  started asking back in first grade Mom, can I join Boy Scouts.  So glad he joint it  he was join  last week  in Boy scout  I was amazed it because I could see he has opportunity to meet new friends and  he can experience a variety of outdoor fun during Cub Scout Summer Day Camp as well.  The Scouts well enjoy special activities geared towards their age group During camp  boys will be challenge with archery,  field sports, fishing, swimming, leatherwork, crafts, and more. 

 The Boy Scout troop meets in church at the gymnasium of course I go there with him they start meetings  as well as the parents should be there also. The scout  standing in a circle and holding hands begin with a few of them marching down the church aisle with the American Boy Scout flags seems like my son  having fun . Last Saturday they had  to meet the fellow Scub  scout because they going to sell popcorn  as the parents was there also its fun for us lol.   to bad when were there at  walking house to house the rain start pooring it rains a lot we have to stay  out in the rain  because I don't get wet after a while the rain stop good thing because that's a lot of walking for us I get tired for walking  good exercise for me too.  

After the house to house to sell the Pop corn  we went down to the field which is theyre  many kids play soccer  C is asking me to join soccer but I say No because the Registration  is over we make it next season well  see if  he stay longer in Scout scoub. I was happy to see that C is enjoying his  scout group.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kids into a Gadget

Photo Not mine

My kid are into gadget My  son plays with his  iPad  because he broke the  charger last week his not play the games in the Ipod  anymore   he broke it  what I  wanted to teach him a lesson  his not play him anymore  he makes me mad.  Last Month I bought Tablets on our vacation in  our Country Phil. because I knew he  like to play games when his home  I have my Ipod but I would rather let him play in the tablet because  Ipod is expensive now a days good thing  I bought in the Phil. while we was there.  kids are into games I'm glad my kid has a tablet. I am looking in Amazon a charger for my Ipod  wish me luck I got nice one.  A  parent is really worried their child is getting addicted, and the time spent on smartphones is a lot more than their peers  parents should try to set down some sometimes compromise agreements between the child  meaning  I would not allow him to play for a couple of hours only when he is done all his home works and school  activities.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flying by plane

You cannot imagine how scared I am when  I flew on the plane a couple of years ago  my fears are holding back I am scared every time I fly on the plane  specially the plane is in turbulence I feel like the plane is going down  afterwards  Im doing ok. Travelling with my son is isn't easy we travel thousands, thousands miles away just to see my family back home I know is way far away you can't blame me I  miss my family that is why we travel during summer or Spring time the only time i see my family.
My kid school is almost over  on the first week of June  In this Month were going to be busy on our vacation plan this, I cross my finger. He has long vacation after school although we have many plan after his school right now have many list keep reading you well surprise.

Not unlike when I traveled with my hubby a couple of years ago I don't have to worry about it because he take care for the tickets and now its different  I get use to it I just can do it myself.  Anyhow I learn
that travel is good though but sometimes makes me really worry so much since I knew that the Malaysian plane have not yet found I am  very scared every time I think about the  plane I hope they still looking the wreakage. Anyways no matter what happen all we can do
is keep pray and pray we know  God is our guidance when we travel I always pray every time I travel
with my kid. Although we travel very soon as soon as I get my New passport then I book a ticket
I wish I could buy it now but have to wait for the passport first Hopely it well be here
I have no option fear for flying  in plane  which is normal  but it well be fine.  I Just pray God is with us  when we travel we are so excited now.

but I think the fear of flying is one of the most rational fears a person can have.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Brand new album on yard sale

One of the most creative and thoughtful gifts is a scrapbook  I used to make scrapbook for my kid every year because I would like him to see how he change a lot when he gets big in order for him to see  his moms creation The  scrapbook I made , Unfortunately I am being lazy to do a lot of crafting I been busy lately and don't have time to organize the pictures the good thing now for me to preserve the memories I place some pictures of the album, I can't believe I bought seven albums at the yard sale can't you believe that, I am smart when it comes to shopping  I buy many stuffs from yard sale for only a dollar and other stuffs, some other album are more than $$ so is not big on my pocket rather than buy at store its expensive though.  how about you did u like garage sale, I am satisfy with yard shopping Lol.  although they think yard sale is junk but it depends if you don't know how to pick. Just bough albums brand new not used this is what I looking I could place all the pictures I want been many years I did not put pictures on album usually I put on the desk and whenever I want to see I can view it on the computer however I still not contented to view the pictures I found out every time I drive over the weekend  from grocery  I pass many houses they sale used stuffs  why I don't look and see
So I found a good stuffs but I don't buy all Just albums because I need it good idea I do not go to store and buy plus also got a brand new.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Graduation day

I'm glad that my brother graduate in his degree we are very proud of him  After he took a bachelor   degree 4 years  and at last he graduate  this achieving would make me feel good all that hard work well paid off I told him before that he well study hard because education is important fortunately he did made himself to finish  his course, other than that he did not failed his grade he make us proud basically I was surprise last week he just said he had award on his school I was like  yes that's good I am proud of your effort on your studies  that good I was being proud also because he study of  other  technical  training to studying cooking which is good  make himself busy, we all know he can do it so proud for him.

 I thank for him that all the effort we did between me and my sis was worth  he  graduated with medal  he is also obtain an awards for school as a third honor and happy for him he never failed his promise to finish in school. My mom, my  sister, my 3  brothers  well be  proud of him,  I am impressed with him, the sister  happy for him too.

  Well long journey bro, I am so happy for you even our father is gone  for many years  you never gotten to fulfilled your  education, I thank you God  for  fulfillment  you have  fancy Master's degree  couldn't  believe you made it  with our support and effort.
To my grandparents who believed that education is  necessary and to my Mom without  our father  he is in heaven now, I know he is proud  of my youngest brother  This is the happiest moment in your  life

Monday, March 17, 2014

Tooth fairy is coming

My son lost tooth number three today which is a hot topic of  our conversation yes him and me  those long winter evenings really drive me nuts because he was not feeling well yesterday, he got  coughing just on and off  cold. I hate to say that the weather a couple of weeks ago wasn't really  good. He told me three days ago that his tooth in the upper was going to be fall out i ask him if he hold it he said no he is waiting until it ready to comes out.  He certainly does not  seem to have a reason for believes on fairy but when i tell  him that the tooth fairy doesn't coming if you awake then he say much better I would be sleeping so the fairy well be coming and leave a letter for me, my kid said that,   I am happy at least he believe for fairy.

 Actually he pulled it out and came running to show me. Being a kid he is scary but after few minutes he is ok,  so far, when he shows me a gaping hole in his  mouth that is bleeding  he went and rinse on sink  thank   that’s great, he fall it out  I say walking out of the bathroom and away from the blood. Make sure you put it under your pillow so the tooth fairy well  coming and give you surprise.
Well, he forgot to put it under his pillow, and I forgot also Anyway, the next morning he was upset that the TF  did not come lol.  I was able to  explain that the  TF won’t come unless the tooth is in the proper place
he said you forgot  Mom, so another morning come  the Tooth fairy well coming and leave a letter good thing
The TF remember it and finally my little man happy to wake up and see the money under his pellow.  How many  teeth are my  son going to fall, i guess many more.