Friday, November 9, 2012

carving his pumpkin

 We bought pumpkin 4 days before halloween because i been busy for may things to do.I want him to be more creative consider using other tools as well. We use a V-shaped cutter  to cut out the top take a look. It can also be used for the mouth if that shape is turns good hope my kid won't make a mess for the pumpkin because we don't have other just only one.
 My son  at first desperately  carved in his pumpkin last halloween because he don't know how to start to draw the pumpkin i tell him that write first in the paper before he  make finalize on the pumpkin in that way  he won't make a mess with the pumpkin  it turns good and he is very happy he did a good work for carving and draw the eyes, nose and mouth. was a bit fiddly, but he got there in the end. although he pick the size and good color not quite big because i knew it's heavy for me to carry upstairs since our home is in the 3rd floor.

regardless of  the heavy   pumpkin i make sure it is bright orange and free from bruises and soft spots. I Pick up the pumpkin and look at it from all angles. Also, i am  sure to press around the sides and bottom to make sure there are not any soft spots in the pumpkin.

 lol, before he draw his pumpkin he's compalining because he can't reach out but later he
get into the top and start drawing. he said for me, mom the eyes is triangle not oblong
i am just impress he knew what's the form of the eyes just though it's round  :)
Honestly, the best pumpkin for the family is the one the kids like and agree on, regardless of shape. The kids will get a big kick out of picking the pumpkin  for Halloween

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