Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter from Grandparents

We  received letter from my kid  Grandparents  it was touching because I knew they are happy of me I got my Citizenship  four month  ago after a long waiting period of time to apply citizenship I'm so happy  it don't have to renew my GC. I am American Citizen now.  For a few years past I apply  unfortunately  they did not  approve the application  I was capable to apply on that time because I am living here for many  years but anyways  might be  they  were an  issue  about My status, that's already past what' matter most is today I have Citizenship I thank for the lord answering my prayer  a couple of months  ago.  On May I sent his Grandmother a card for Mothers day, My son  Grandma because they are very nice to me. My son said I miss Grandma Mom, I said too no problem we can send grandma a card  he just said Yep  well,  we have to plan to go there to see them. Grandparents.   The letter was taken after I got my Citizenship well I am very happy greatful to have them in my life  also since we get home on vacation from Phil.  My son, and my in-laws are  closer since his born every year we invited  from their family  get together so blessed to have them been a while did not see them Hoping we could see them again on Christmas. .

He is so Lucky because they are so cool and nice also since we moved out they communicate with us of course we never forget to send them a card or Christmas cards Pictures because we loved them so much its a big factor to me that we always communicate
specially they have been around on my sons since he was born he is very lucky little boy he has a good Christmas presents from them every year. I knew them for many years  six years definitely they are happy to me too.


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