Monday, September 29, 2014

He Join Boy Scout

My Son last year was  interested to join Boy scout  he eager to join boy scout because he would love to try and discover what's the kids do in the camping. He  started asking back in first grade Mom, can I join Boy Scouts.  So glad he joint it  he was join  last week  in Boy scout  I was amazed it because I could see he has opportunity to meet new friends and  he can experience a variety of outdoor fun during Cub Scout Summer Day Camp as well.  The Scouts well enjoy special activities geared towards their age group During camp  boys will be challenge with archery,  field sports, fishing, swimming, leatherwork, crafts, and more. 

 The Boy Scout troop meets in church at the gymnasium of course I go there with him they start meetings  as well as the parents should be there also. The scout  standing in a circle and holding hands begin with a few of them marching down the church aisle with the American Boy Scout flags seems like my son  having fun . Last Saturday they had  to meet the fellow Scub  scout because they going to sell popcorn  as the parents was there also its fun for us lol.   to bad when were there at  walking house to house the rain start pooring it rains a lot we have to stay  out in the rain  because I don't get wet after a while the rain stop good thing because that's a lot of walking for us I get tired for walking  good exercise for me too.  

After the house to house to sell the Pop corn  we went down to the field which is theyre  many kids play soccer  C is asking me to join soccer but I say No because the Registration  is over we make it next season well  see if  he stay longer in Scout scoub. I was happy to see that C is enjoying his  scout group.

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