Monday, November 12, 2012

bad mood on birthday

 Way back last couple of weeks we plan to have a party but 2 weeks before the party my friend's couldn't come for any reason they both working 2 friends of mine filipino and 2 other friends their not filipino one is called me that she's out of town and other one is not return the call but anyways we could not let ourself to force people to attend the said party because they have their own busy schedule Ain't nothing to be  feel bad because they call me over the phone that saturyday is busy,busy day for them.but i wants on saturday because my kid has  a sunday  school he missed the 2 sundays i been sick so i could not blame them.

was surprised for us when we go to chuck e cheese for my kid's birthday at first he's face is full of smile and he keep talk and talk about chuck e cheese we got there we order pizza
what we did we took my kid to the chuck e cheese  so we promise him  to go there for his birthday eat there and having some fun.  We got there he started being enjoy his games he's got a tons of tokens something this time on his 6th birthday he change i am not surely say but i just don't know how to say I told him just enjoy his special day  it is his birthday we eat pizza, order some drinks. we had so much fun  he play  alot of games.

however after almost 2 hours later  he want to go home he tell me that he doesn't like the maskcat which is i ask him he said he got scared and he like maskcat but a micky mouse or gabba gabba, barney or any other character except  big teddy bear maskcat. That teddy bear was at the party at chucky cheese so fun many kids play with him games with all the kids at the party. was not so crowded a little early  for us when we got there we do  an early in this way my kid having so much fun. As i expected we did not stay longer at chucky cheese beside of my kid's is in bad mood there's no other friend attend because they're working. I was like expecting he is happy on that day on his special day but i am wrong there's no doubt that he don't like there because he's friend never came. I just realized that kids has different hobby. 

 I remember he likes his birthday to have alot of classmate because of the fact that they  did not come he rather wants to go home and he well said he likes to see grandparents and sibling. That's what i did we went grandparents and cousins. Just now on my mind that kids are smart and  wanted that their life wanted to sorrounded by a good friends and i agree for this. I am happy because  he seen his grandma. and grandfa. Such a wonderful thing that i make up  my mind  he is getting big i would be ready for  the time my kid needs to be close with his relatives in that way he is enjoy his childhood. He is more mature for his age would be a little more age appropriate.



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  3. the fact the he was happy at first when we came there seems he did not happy i called it bad mood. :-) anyways thanks for comments. and next time leave your links so i can visit yours. :D thx for visiting.