Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kids into a Gadget

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My kid are into gadget My  son plays with his  iPad  because he broke the  charger last week his not play the games in the Ipod  anymore   he broke it  what I  wanted to teach him a lesson  his not play him anymore  he makes me mad.  Last Month I bought Tablets on our vacation in  our Country Phil. because I knew he  like to play games when his home  I have my Ipod but I would rather let him play in the tablet because  Ipod is expensive now a days good thing  I bought in the Phil. while we was there.  kids are into games I'm glad my kid has a tablet. I am looking in Amazon a charger for my Ipod  wish me luck I got nice one.  A  parent is really worried their child is getting addicted, and the time spent on smartphones is a lot more than their peers  parents should try to set down some sometimes compromise agreements between the child  meaning  I would not allow him to play for a couple of hours only when he is done all his home works and school  activities.

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