Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flying by plane

You cannot imagine how scared I am when  I flew on the plane a couple of years ago  my fears are holding back I am scared every time I fly on the plane  specially the plane is in turbulence I feel like the plane is going down  afterwards  Im doing ok. Travelling with my son is isn't easy we travel thousands, thousands miles away just to see my family back home I know is way far away you can't blame me I  miss my family that is why we travel during summer or Spring time the only time i see my family.
My kid school is almost over  on the first week of June  In this Month were going to be busy on our vacation plan this, I cross my finger. He has long vacation after school although we have many plan after his school right now have many list keep reading you well surprise.

Not unlike when I traveled with my hubby a couple of years ago I don't have to worry about it because he take care for the tickets and now its different  I get use to it I just can do it myself.  Anyhow I learn
that travel is good though but sometimes makes me really worry so much since I knew that the Malaysian plane have not yet found I am  very scared every time I think about the  plane I hope they still looking the wreakage. Anyways no matter what happen all we can do
is keep pray and pray we know  God is our guidance when we travel I always pray every time I travel
with my kid. Although we travel very soon as soon as I get my New passport then I book a ticket
I wish I could buy it now but have to wait for the passport first Hopely it well be here
I have no option fear for flying  in plane  which is normal  but it well be fine.  I Just pray God is with us  when we travel we are so excited now.

but I think the fear of flying is one of the most rational fears a person can have.

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