Thursday, May 15, 2014

Brand new album on yard sale

One of the most creative and thoughtful gifts is a scrapbook  I used to make scrapbook for my kid every year because I would like him to see how he change a lot when he gets big in order for him to see  his moms creation The  scrapbook I made , Unfortunately I am being lazy to do a lot of crafting I been busy lately and don't have time to organize the pictures the good thing now for me to preserve the memories I place some pictures of the album, I can't believe I bought seven albums at the yard sale can't you believe that, I am smart when it comes to shopping  I buy many stuffs from yard sale for only a dollar and other stuffs, some other album are more than $$ so is not big on my pocket rather than buy at store its expensive though.  how about you did u like garage sale, I am satisfy with yard shopping Lol.  although they think yard sale is junk but it depends if you don't know how to pick. Just bough albums brand new not used this is what I looking I could place all the pictures I want been many years I did not put pictures on album usually I put on the desk and whenever I want to see I can view it on the computer however I still not contented to view the pictures I found out every time I drive over the weekend  from grocery  I pass many houses they sale used stuffs  why I don't look and see
So I found a good stuffs but I don't buy all Just albums because I need it good idea I do not go to store and buy plus also got a brand new.

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