Monday, March 31, 2014

Graduation day

I'm glad that my brother graduate in his degree we are very proud of him  After he took a bachelor   degree 4 years  and at last he graduate  this achieving would make me feel good all that hard work well paid off I told him before that he well study hard because education is important fortunately he did made himself to finish  his course, other than that he did not failed his grade he make us proud basically I was surprise last week he just said he had award on his school I was like  yes that's good I am proud of your effort on your studies  that good I was being proud also because he study of  other  technical  training to studying cooking which is good  make himself busy, we all know he can do it so proud for him.

 I thank for him that all the effort we did between me and my sis was worth  he  graduated with medal  he is also obtain an awards for school as a third honor and happy for him he never failed his promise to finish in school. My mom, my  sister, my 3  brothers  well be  proud of him,  I am impressed with him, the sister  happy for him too.

  Well long journey bro, I am so happy for you even our father is gone  for many years  you never gotten to fulfilled your  education, I thank you God  for  fulfillment  you have  fancy Master's degree  couldn't  believe you made it  with our support and effort.
To my grandparents who believed that education is  necessary and to my Mom without  our father  he is in heaven now, I know he is proud  of my youngest brother  This is the happiest moment in your  life

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