Monday, March 17, 2014

Tooth fairy is coming

My son lost tooth number three today which is a hot topic of  our conversation yes him and me  those long winter evenings really drive me nuts because he was not feeling well yesterday, he got  coughing just on and off  cold. I hate to say that the weather a couple of weeks ago wasn't really  good. He told me three days ago that his tooth in the upper was going to be fall out i ask him if he hold it he said no he is waiting until it ready to comes out.  He certainly does not  seem to have a reason for believes on fairy but when i tell  him that the tooth fairy doesn't coming if you awake then he say much better I would be sleeping so the fairy well be coming and leave a letter for me, my kid said that,   I am happy at least he believe for fairy.

 Actually he pulled it out and came running to show me. Being a kid he is scary but after few minutes he is ok,  so far, when he shows me a gaping hole in his  mouth that is bleeding  he went and rinse on sink  thank   that’s great, he fall it out  I say walking out of the bathroom and away from the blood. Make sure you put it under your pillow so the tooth fairy well  coming and give you surprise.
Well, he forgot to put it under his pillow, and I forgot also Anyway, the next morning he was upset that the TF  did not come lol.  I was able to  explain that the  TF won’t come unless the tooth is in the proper place
he said you forgot  Mom, so another morning come  the Tooth fairy well coming and leave a letter good thing
The TF remember it and finally my little man happy to wake up and see the money under his pellow.  How many  teeth are my  son going to fall, i guess many more.


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