Friday, February 28, 2014

Sore throat due to cold

I hate to be sick trying not to be sick because it's expensive when you  get sick in America, If you don't have insurance that's gonna  be bad  you cannot go to the doctor  either you don't have health insurance. last week my sore throat has come and go started with tickle in my lungs and in my throat
 In the last couple days the low grade fever has returned mostly at night, like now as I type this, and the pressure in my head feeling too. I took medicine try different three kinds  I'm glad i felt better the cough is gone but if I take a deep breath and breathe out as fast as I can, it sounds like my throat is ichy.  I am happy feel better and better This is causing from severly  cold ,cold everyday. I admit i been here in the state for many,many years if the winter coming I suffer alot of pain like Flue and cold.

Started with just a tickle in my lungs that would make me cough, basically dry though. Over the next couple weeks it got worse and I began to cough up nasty tasting green phlegm. It would get a little better sometimes and then the next day it would be just as bad. I also had a mild fever that would come and go. I felt run down and tired. I started taking the antibiotics it helps but the medicine is killing my stomach or my liver because it's almost 300 ml. after I took medicine i get hungry so I eat unpurpose I hate to be sick I don't like taking medicine but I have to take it.  Couple  of days after I had finished them my symptoms started improving. I kept getting better and after another week my cough was just about totally cleared up thank God i feel better.

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