Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sweet messege on Valentines day

It's Valentines day you know what's on your mine everybody were busy prepared for valentines day, some people has going out for date and some are busy going shopping  when my kid get home from school  he's backpack are overloaded I don't know why didn't ask while I'm driving he keep talk and talk about what they did at school he said they making for Valentines day card since because it's  Valentines day they had lots of candies, they make Valentines day greetings  in order for them to surprise Mom and Dad at home, I was the one who surprise he handed me a big enveloped with lots of hearts drawing, Candies, and  very nice personalize  Valentines paper for me. he wrote as,  I Love You Mom to pieces. with a big heart,  this is what he wrote in his paper i was impressed,  I Love you so much mom your My valentine mama what a  sweet little boy he is such my happiness and my everything, make me happy when i see that my child  understand what is love, he knows  I love him so much to the moon. he said he is sad when his at school  but he make sure that he well study well so he could  get a good grades. I am proud of my son as he is improving a lot. he's skill is develop. Take a look at the picture below it has a Valentines messege it has also a lots of candies he bringing at home. My boy is so sweet he make me cry :-D 

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