Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Garage sale

Then you are probably in need of a new source for your garage sale inventory. Your friends, family, and neighbors, need to invite them. I  have an old stuff or dinning set as I want to get rid of it replace sitting in the storage  for many years As I know that  I  could not have enough space for my apartment  get tired for cleaning although  I don't need to much stuffs want something that my place or living room has more spacious something looking nice and not old fashion. There's  many option how to get rid of your stuffs give away your old stuff like call the salvation army would probably they take it or bring to them. I knowledge that  this couch is not mine a friend of mine give it to me.  We do have coach I give to my step son because he needs a couch. As for me before, I want a black and brown  because I like the color plus it's attractive when people coming over and visit us. I am more than happy to share my stuff  if nobody buy I well give to my friend again. Anyways what  I say is I never done a garage sale by myself I heard only from a friend of mine.  this the idea of making a garage sale. list of their items What stuff you going to display.

The amount contributors want for each of their items Pricing, with price tags, each piece of inventory is the best way to sell unwanted stuff and keep customers coming back.
What the bottom price is for each item You need room to negotiate with customers, so be sure the price tag allows you some room to play the barter game and still get the amount you want for each item. It make sense you know. last week my boyfriend did a garage sale which is good he has many old stuff that he don't need  I was there  during  the garage sale his not satisfied because he's still have  many stuffs the only thing to get rid of that is call the salvation army to let them  know how to  get the stuffs.

How To Make More Money From Your Garage Sale.

Purchase a tool chest with several pieces at a bargain price. Most often, people will only be looking for a single tool to buy at a yard sale. Let's say you bought a 25 piece tool set for a sale price of $8.50, deciding to sell each item for $1. The beauty of the bargain is that you only have to sell 9 of the 25 pieces to make a profit. You don't need to sell every piece of the tool kit,



  1. I always looking forward to go on a garage selling soon. Summer is always the time when garage selling is at most. I also expecting my husband's family will go on a garage selling this summer as well, therefore, thanks for sharing some thoughts of how to make most of it.

  2. thanks for the tips.:) I love garage sales. maybe someday I will have my own garage sale too.

  3. i love garage sale too. i actually tried doing garage sale of our old clothes and we didn't sell a lot we gave them all for donation at a thrifty store

  4. Me and daughter are planning to have a garage sale this summer to get rid of some stuff that we don't need anymore.

  5. I love garage sale, I can find great deals..

    Liza Barnett