Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The former child star tie the knot

                                Anna larrucea & hubby Robbie Pangilinan. 

Anna Larrucea ties the knot


If you familiar this teen star who recently married couple of days ago she been on the soap opera in the TV network that I used to watch during that time she made many  movies and soap opera way back when I am in my senior high school Like to watch drama :-)  during that time.  That moment I remember after school I open the TV and watch teleserye , English  term is a soap opera drama I don't know maybe I should be consider myself of a young age I like to watch this kind of drama somehow in life
time change. I keep thinking probably the teens star who also same age like me they are also married what a wonderful moment for them.  If I keep thinking  Anyhow this teen star is pretty and very slim she used to be appear on many movies as well as drama series in TV shows before when I read this article I could not notice her later I was familiar and remember her I know now, her name is Anna L. she's beautiful and sexy used to be very thin as I said she gets fat  however that's part of our life we change a lot our looks are not the same as we get older were going to think sometimes how am I looks ten years from now. Anyways I congratulates this couple I hope they have a happy life as they live happyly  ever after they both deserve. best wishes for them.



  1. I didn't noticed her until I saw her childhood pictures. She gained a lot of weight...

  2. yes mommy joy Hilig ko tan-aw sauna og teleserye sa abs cbn. look at now this pics. It remind me in my younger days.

  3. Good for her and goodluck to the journey of married life!

  4. she looks very different now. congratulations to the newly wed and enjoy being married.