Friday, January 31, 2014

Getting used to wake up Early

It's Necessary to wake up  During weekly very early now since my kid from  Kindergarten I always wake up early I couldn't blame myself I want to wake up early before the sunrise up I hate to wake up late couldn't  done my work offline and online I probably chose to wake up early so my work well be finish early  However my student is  very slow to get dress up it takes forever to get him dress up, he watch TV either he playing Monster truck on my  Ipod or  play his cars,  I have too  he is only  seven years old.  I am the lucky Mom I guide him because His dad was gone when he is three years old that time, I fell sad you know but that's  life,  I have many difficult  in life that you don't know but that is enough now  I don’t have to cry about it.  I am glad my honey doney, love me unconditionally he accept me and my kid, same him we have previous past, I thanks God for bringing him into me,  Anyway He wake up at 6:00 even his school start  eight o clock a.m. There's enough time to prepare but he still wake up at 6. when he was in Kindergarten.

 I Register him to a scholarship  for private school  I guess he is good in Public school there no way to transfer him my kid is smart it does not matter what school private or Public  kid well learn no matter which school he goes, that's depends how the kids teach by their teacher. Sometimes I don't  believe that when kids came from Private school he get smart and learn more, it's not true My kid is fast learner even he goes to public school for although he had 100 score on his school home work last week so i believe child can learn fast as long as they are keep studying.  7:00 a.m when I prepared his lunch for school still very early for me to get up though.

 I am happy when friday because we can  do a lot of  works household and we can go to church as well.

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