Sunday, January 12, 2014

Do you skate on ice?

Have you always wanted to slide gracefully over the ice without falling on your back?  Do you find yourself doing a split every time you hit the ice Well for me I am not get use to it we been ice skating last couple of weeks ago before New Year sadly I was not happy about it lol because on ice I am disappoint my legs are sore and my ankle during the first ice skating i was happy i can move and slide around but later both my legs are painful i cannot explain how scared  I don't want to get hurts I just said I am going to quit  hehehe, well ice skating is good need more practice unfortunately its not my taste ice skater is bound to falling quite a few times   but if you are committed to practicing  then you can learn to ice skate like a professional.  All you need are the proper equipment, practice and some intense willpower because if you don't learn skating you might be always fall on ice like me. When ice skating, you should wear clothes that are easy to move around in and will not get heavy when wet. You want to be flexible and not too warm. Remember skating is exercise so your body will get warmer once you move around.
 Jeans are mostly rigid and harder to move around in. When you fall they can get damp and will be harder to skate.

Skates should be fitted for comfort and are available in most shoe sizes. Also, measure the width of your foot while sitting down.  Although We rent the shoes I rent the size of 7 because that's my size my kid does not skating he scared to slip over glad he did not.  There are a number of good brands you can buy, but rentals are adequate for your first steps like me.  The keys to skating  are relaxation and technique, so relax and try to keep your legs as steady as possible. Learning to walk will help give you ankle support and help you get used to the friction of the ice. I think that's good  experience for me and my son.

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