Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Son gonna miss his team

My son ask me he miss his soccer game I tell him it won't be long he is going to play again next season might be next year  i would like him to keeping busy in sport because he well getting better
in scoring the goal  I’m very much looking forward for the next soccer game where my son well play last month I meet the parents again last week while i go shopping we talk together and we hope our kids could play again next season looking forward for it.
I was glad I keeping him busy during the week.  When  he was join soccer  His first goal was well placed shot around a defender He miss soccer  I’ll miss it  too because it is just fun to watch the boys play. But I’ll also miss it because the boys play on teams with several and different team every weekend. He play soccer they play on the field with different team I mean every saturday go get to go to the field I love getting to see my friend a couple times a week for practice and games. Such a happy when me and son going to the soccer game  I’d look over to see good friends cheering for our boys as I cheered for theirs what a happy moment  make  my Saturdays fun I cannot wait next year for soccer.
The first time I see soccer  when my son was in Kindergarten  it was the first time I Register him I want him to be able to learn in different type of sports which is good  as well as he well make many friends too. When he start play soccer I was happy  to say that he is not shy that anymore if he is being closer to that person then he well comfortanble to talk more.  Actually the game categories  type they called  game  U8 recreational soccer team which is my son belongs to Age 8 under. despite of this  I was the one to find a proper way to join the soccer I want him to be able to busy at sports at the same time he goes to school eight  o clock.

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