Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hallowen is Coming

his 2nd  hallowen he's watching TFC.  2 yrs. Old

Halloween brings out the little kid in happiness perhaps everybody is waiting is  going to check the newest and most exciting spot for everything in Halloween. Like costume and  Hallowen party.
kids are going to be busy for the month of Hallowen in fact they pick the costumes of Superheroes and other characters. My kid can now remember he would say something that their school is going to have a Hallowen party he well say that i have to buy him a costume  but i rather not to buy because he still has the old costume that he had last year. Still fit for him good to know i am not buying a new one. how about you did you buy a costume for your kids every year?  Guess not because still fit for him although i have bunch of candies that i stored everytime i went to the store i purchase it. i can avail. because i have coupons Have to send this to my family in PH. i post few pics. of him every year since he's baby.he grow fast like a weed not a baby anymore but he's my only baby.

C is 12 months. daddy hold him

5 years old getting big



  1. He is a darling! We used to have TFC but if got expensive so I said "Heck with it" lol.

  2. hehe I imagine I like TFC also but I need to cancel so much expensive na mka purdoy waaaa. but theres in the internet naman, my joy of bundle malaki na rin

  3. I am already thinking what my babies would be this year.:)

  4. Awww! What a cutie pie CJ is Momi Marie :-) He looks so adorable in his Halloween costumes :-) I already bought fro my kids last year and yes! we are ready for Trick or Treating :-)

  5. so cute. my kids love Halloween as well, they get to dress up and although it can be costly since we have 3 younger kids, it is so much fun.

    Liza Barnett