Friday, October 25, 2013

Both are race car fans

My son been to Nascar race last year  with us this is a good trip for us its our second time to went over there  at Daytona  Narcar race, it took about  two hours to drive from the house.  This is also the favorite sport for my Beloved Bf  between him and and my son are the same Nascar fans back of the days that when we was there they all very loud ever to watch the race were like in a show because they are many people they are also many media to took an  interview on the drivers,  My son see his favorite driver Like Jeff Gordon, Kyle Bush and  Danica Patrick They are the drivers on Nascar race,  car this photo was taken at  February 6th last year  it was please and  great to see the Nascar in live we just bought a ticket the three of us. Actually  we been to see the Nascar place twice this year  the  first was  on November  last year  before thanksgiving I snapping  a photo in front of his favorite nascar driver.  We had  many picture on it  during our visit hopely we can watch again next year. As I can see my son likes Nascar race since me and my  boyfriend become dating its very great to watch this sports while his young in that way he well be being a nascar sport fan until he gets  big. so do I,  I  like watch Nascar  every weekend  my son now is a avid fans on Kyle Bush and Jeff Gordon Hope he still don't switch his drivers.


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