Thursday, November 21, 2013

School picture

last August I order a picture for my son's school picture I was glad his picture is fine I am totally happy because my son was smile during picture taken I am amazed his pose was getting better in front of camera my son has kind of little bit shy when it comes to picture taken I thanks God He is now develop good. I am  surprise by his teacher saying that he is participate good in class discussion and other school activities when it come to pictures taken I had to tell  him that when school picture he has to be confident and don't be uncomfortable  because the pose going to be bad and  he knew that if he does not feel comfortable and not taken a picture we well not go to Chick-fil a.  Yes  he do, he like Chick-fil a.  He is now one fan of this popular and good fast food. When he get home from school I check his back pack and I'm so happy and extremely impressed because his picture was very good. Good smile, nice poise and neat to see as I seen in his picture he grown so fast he is also getting better in front of camera, his smile make me smile too This is their school picture on fall glad it turns good. How about you did your kids has school picture? He is going to give his picture to Aunt and grandparents as well.


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