Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Son upcoming birthday

My son's birthday well be coming soon  next month it's gonna be exciting  well be update as soon I figure it out Its was like yesterday when I carry him into my tummy and now time fly fast he is getting big. Me and my son's Aunt  reunite again  or calling each other  after a few years without contacting due to the fact we had personal argue just early this year when we had at the party by her another sister we had to talk and ask my Number and thats the reason she contact me again we talk about my son's birthday coming where to be held No idea yet where to celebrate as I know my son's grandfather is in hospice he is not feeling well he got sick he got out on the hospital recently so I have to be able to understand that the birthday probably well not in their house. Anyways I update the date when I find out the celebration on his birthday I want something that my son's birthday well be memorable and happy since I knew that every year he has a big celebration when daddy is alive he is a spoiled routine by his Daddy I am sure he well be happy to see his cousins also.  He is my everything all I can say is he well study hard so he can have a good future.   

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