Monday, October 7, 2013

To have a pet at your home

I agree having a pet at your house is a big responsibility You see this great dog below I posted. To get a dog is fun. Before you know Falling in love with a dog is not easy. Sharing your home with a canine friend can bring you much joy. There's no doubt that dogs can give unconditional acceptance and loyalty, provide constant companionship, and even help relieve stress after a hard or busy day

However, making the decision to get a dog shouldn't be taken lightly. Owning a dog takes a lot of time, money and commitment over in many ways My family has a dog and cat over in my country they like pets that is why they have it although they taking carefor it  take a big responsibility I am not really a fan of dog but since I came here in the u.s  I learn to love and pet the dog for intance we used to have a big dogs two to sad they are gone they died due to kidney failure The ownership can be extremely gratifying, but it's also a big responsibility. Meet our beloved dogs this is our dog the white is chico and the other one is Zowe they are cool dog she's not facing the camera the black one how about you did you like owning dog?


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