Friday, September 20, 2013

My kid third game in soccer

This is the game of my son in soccer which is about the whole season is 9  all together would
nine season I'm glad he like his sport seems he enjoy it I ask him last Monday if he like his sport
 he said  yep, good thing in soccer  there are in other sports  when to make this transition. Some sports have strict age minimums that must be meet in order to progress which are typically higher ages than allowable by soccer  that's is why I was so happy when I browse the web last August first
my kid were acceptable to play soccer on his age. There are categories on age where you can register
your child on different age category you are able to find sport that match on your kid. finding a soccer that your kids can allow to play in his/her  age. During the first game the  coach in competitive soccer are typically more knowledge and skilled, and that will give the child an opportunity to learn the game in ways they may not experience through recreational soccer. They will learn to move the ball, read the field and strategize in ways they never have before. I was so glad he is more confident to play not unlike at first practice  a couple of week ago he does not happy but I am great he progress well and talking more on his friends than before. Every Saturday they have a game we have to be there at exactly the time because this game making me excited although this is the third game since my kid enter soccer  I definitely say I like this sport because my kid learn to kick and throw the ball
aside on this he is not shy anymore I could say such a big help for him to join the sport because
he well be expose and meet other friends as well. How about you did you let your kid join in soccer?

They will also learn  myriad of  ball drills to enhance their own skills and start to gravitate to observe and guide. Towards the position they are more active and  excited when they play. Typically, this is the position they will play for the remainder of their soccer season.


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