Friday, August 30, 2013


I was glad my son needs to expose in sports in this way he would be able to learn on sports. Last month I register him into sports because I knew that he like sports before then he likes soccer  I couldn't  think that soccer now a days is popular so many kids were join. This is fun and exciting for my son since the last time he join soccer  when he was in Pre-kindergarten it would last eight weeks and they did not have a trophy whoever who have great score however  I been satisfied and happy for that at least take your kids at the sports are great way because they need to develop their mind and skills into sports.  Kids earn also to make decisions scoring get touches on the soccer ball then they have opportunity to score goals.  As a mom I want my kid to be able to learn and active in sports while he is  young.
The soccer game begins when the ref puts the soccer ball in the middle of the center circle on the spot.
the ref checks to see if the goal keepers are ready.
the soccer team that has the kick off must have two soccer players next to the soccer ball.

The key is getting the kids to learn and improve and focus while also having fun example of a fun game are relay race they well improve their skills like kicking the ball, learn how to drill, passing the ball to one another. Their coach  have  7 kids all together include my son 
3 kids and 4 lines so each line is  waiting to get a turn. The kids are touching the soccer ball more and improving soccer skills, competing more and having more fun.


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