Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Were enjoying our vacation awesome

Riding the boat
Raven ride on the Water
Took a pic with Santa claus they called this Holiday Splash safari because their street is called Santa claus
                                         Roller Coaster ride to high for me.

My son and I and  My Bf  recently go to The Holiday Splash Safari during our  vacation in Indiana  Holiday world Safari  is known for rollercoaster they are the good business they are all type of  rides roller coaster are so good  because you pick the different rides huge roller coaster, small roller coaster and wooden roller coaster.
I rode the small roller coaster  because I get sick on a huge roller coaster the rest of our companion are riding the roller coaster they are get use to it not unlike me scared for riding I don't like it what  should  I do I get so nervous,  :-)  I was so glad we went  it was all day fun. rides and  eating and also play the games :D.   My son has a red  check his  face has  all red  I am surprise he does not complaining I could say its almost the same with Disney world but Disney world is popular compare this Holiday Splash Safari. We rode Raven rapids, Legend, and Voyage. tea cup ride, Turkey rides Bird ride and many more could not remember the rest because in whole day at that rides there is  many rides.  I should say the 1 day is not enough  I rode the Voyage twice which was a good  choice on my part I did not nervous. Those  ride almost everything I could say wow the best rides I ever try in my life.  Take note I am sure Disney world is more fun though well see if we can go there someday.  

The Voyage  is Probably one of the 2nd best coaster I have rode and I love my roller coaster too.
 but we still wear our flip flops because I can not stand to walk barefoot all day.   I ended  up thirsty and thirsty every time were done riding because of the heat it very hot but it was all worth because its always fun There are signs everywhere warning you not to leave items unattended so at least we were warned.  Well  just know better next time.  Good thing I didn't leave a bag with my wallet I left on our Van. Holiday World is very clean including the bathrooms. They offer free parking which is  free for  sunscreen, and free Pepsi and Gatorade drinks that's awesome ha. what a free almost everything. The rides is not free. We pay it upfront.



  1. Great pictures and you seem to all have a good time. Thanks for sharing your vacation pictures too.

  2. I could never ride a roller coaster. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  3. That is a very nice vacation, it seems everyone had so much fun. Thanks for sharing, you do have a wonderful summer.

  4. Great photos! Looks like you guys had so much fun.:)

  5. Looks like your family is having a lot of fun on your vacation!