Monday, July 22, 2013

How to throw awesome birthday party with your kid

My C 4th birthday party

everybody is excited opening his present

aww sorry make your neck up side down take a look they happy to see it

If your child a six or above not over ten there is  activity that allows him to meet other children as well as your kids well be happy to celebrate with their friends chances that he/ she would love to have a birthday party so he or she can celebrate with his friends. Throwing a party  can be a lot of fun, effort and money I am pretty sure its cost more to do a party this is what happen to my son when he was 3 years old, four years old and  five years old we used to do this because his aunts  cousins cooperate  with the preparation as matter of fact I am happy and excited every time  they plan ahead because I can prepared  all the other stuffs to buy on his birthday.  Kids at this age are usually obsessed with themes such as dinosaurs, Barbie and sports, and other kids toys The harder you work to decorate your home to accommodate the themes, the more awesome your kids birthday party will be happiest moment in their life as they are kids time fly fast they grow like a weeds so enjoy  while they young.

here is the tips for throwing a party either outside or inside the house.

Decorate your home to convey your party theme. For a castle party, you may want to hire someone or ask a friend to pose as a prince, princess, king or queen. Decorate the walls with large pieces of cardboard with felted designs of bricks to resemble castle walls isn't good yeah. If you don't have somebody helping for the birthday celebration you can do it by your self just the banners, cups balloons and small stuffs a bigger party  is exhausted also, as long as the celebrant is happy on his/her special day that's fine.


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