Monday, October 8, 2012

The Dryer

 I find the appliances not hard to clean and somewhat easy to clean. My fridge and my microwave have no rough surfaces it cannot hard to clean  especially the handles. The only problem is my dryer it getting old which is have to pay everything, Echetera pay there and pay here.  How i wish i can have it.  It Drives me nuts. my stove which has smooth surfaces scratches not bad to clean.

What will i sacrifice if my other appliances won't work.

Still thinking on that one.My first reaction  is truly most important.It didn't play a huge part in picking out appliances only because of my budget. The beautiful stainless steel appliances. When i am choosing from midline appliances, they really pretty much look the same  it's just a matter of choosing black or white or other color. for now hoping i can buy it before or after christmas. Going to think about to get another one.

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