Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Elegant dress

Bisou Bisou® One-Shoulder Dress

When I saw the dress in manequin i was quit really like it.  It would be look good on me for some reason,but as soon as I tried it on . Was an amazing  dress. It's fit it made my shoulder look really nice and the bottom is flowy i love this dress i'm going to wear to dinner  or go watch a movie. I just bought  this dress because i like the color and the material. Is  amazing i love it .  Got it in a size medium. I will pair it up with some tan ankle sandal or heels.



This dress is just what I was looking for. Fits true  size and is a nice weight of material. I like how it can be worn casually or dressed up with accessories. Great value for the price.Looks Great. The cost of the dress was well worth.




  1. Elegant dress indeed. I love the color and and the style!

  2. Very elegant and chic dress. I wish I have the body for it lol.

  3. that's a lovely dress. i wish i have a sexy body like that woman modeling the dress hehehhehe