Sunday, January 27, 2013

To prevent the cold weather

Many people consider dry skin unavoid during the winter season, there are several easy ways and techniques to protect our skin to prevent it from becoming itchy and ashy and keep it moisturize.
winter is  unpleasant menace dry skin millions of people  they use a moisturizer  lotion for cold weather and one of them is me.  Been here in the states for many years however  don't  like it very much due to colder season  my skin is something not looking good  have a lotion to take with me everytime i go somewhere, i have with me sometimes if i won't put a lotion my skin is itchy and  ashy look like there's a  scale on my lower legs very  dry i am glad went to store i ask the people  they say there's many selection for  dry skin  Good thing i found the product.  Eucerin moisturizer and Jona moisturizer Lotion.  This way you can put lotion on it every hour and as long as the skin is dry have to put always this  causes cold weather climate translates into dry skin  spend the days itching ashy legs, licking chapped lips, and painfully cracked hands. Unfortunately most of us consider this as unavoidable as snow in January i bundle up, suffering and dreaming  i waiting for spring to come and chase away the cold season However i am prone to dry skin during the cold season. Cannot wait for the spring which is my fav. season because feel like summer it's not summer but the weather is pretty good as well as we called here spring. Dry skin is the result of low moisture. If you watch the weather report  everyday on cold winter mornings, you have probably heard the weatherman talk about low humidity, the scientific term for a shortage of water in the air.


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