Thursday, August 9, 2012

Like a rock star

Some kids just sing through life.  they are fun to see when you see a child  singing at the house.  I am happy to say that my kid is a happy boy u know why i would say because he like  music. he love to watch cartoons and many other kids show. but he loves music he sing infront of the TV and act like a rock star. I am a happy mom to him. The coolest thing is that singing is actually good for kids,  Which you can tell to anyone who doesn't appreciate the unique shower melodies. Which you probably already do.
 He Sing songs with movements like My Head, My Toes, My Shoulders, My Head and or "The This is my Family tree story,  Where is Thumbkin. Begin and end the day with favorite songs.  He make my day good because he make his own lyrics even i could say that his song is not clearly right Make the songs good to hear because he learns the tune.
Give your child directions by singing them to the "abc" tune.
 and let your child's inner rock star emerge.

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