Saturday, August 27, 2011

Point view in life, positive

What I like the most from my  experience  is What  I wrote is   "Such situations are not to ruin my  life ,to make me a  better  person,  It  is in the  difficulties that we do the growing and become better person. all of us facing  down and ups situation.  In my point view in life it is just how we  handle ourselves    we all have a choice as to how we interpret a particular situation. We can react with automatic, negative thoughts, or we can interpret the same situation with positive ,  just like personal problems i can have a  strength   through  by my friends i have good friends, not to mention,  they are my  very closed friends of  mine,  from my  (husband bestfriend)    and the other one is my friend from the school,  she's nice  she keep  up with  me even if   she's  black,  she is very nice lady.   i  can see not all black is bad.  the good thing for this.  my friend,  become my lover   for a couple  of months  :)   but  not now,     true story.   have  a good weekend  everyone.

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