Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Romantic love story

       Love can thrive in the most ordinary places.

                               New beginnings aren't easy, She meet the man in her life in oversees  they hookd up each other started from letters, phone calls, and emails    she have a boy friend at that time and  she was seeing someone else  also.   which is very normal to the woman. That's why we couldnt go any further than they become friends till days and days, months by months they exchanging sweet words and phone calls and anything else.  seems that everyday is magical.  in their conversation and sweet words turns into a serious relashionship they realize they fall in love each other even they knew they never see in person. however relationship   develope into exchanging good words and made phone calls  we can say it long distance affair. " I'ts say's Love has No boundaries.  live in your heart without paying the rent.  or  I'ts a magic. they felt that falling in love without seeing each other in person is different. to make it happen these men are so serious eager to travel the half way of the world just to see his dream girl. this guy has a stable job focusing his job 27/7.  Apparently inspite the distance of their love affair he is just traveling  the country he's papers documents has something problem   although he's travel the  oversees  or Philippines many , many years ago but because Immigration change the law every now and then.  he's consulting  a Filipino friend to fix it.  glad the problem was solve. Now he's  meeting his girl  she was very anxious and nervous you know, person and photos are different other than you see this person in reality. It was very amazing and good meeting until being comfortable each other they talk other about anythning else words could not  explain from this person had a god heart, generous, family oriented, kind and honest.  What's  his saying is Family comes first on his mind,  without knowing from the girl. This guy wanted to ask permession from the parents  would saying. "Can I marry your daughter"  and the parents is kind of speechless for few minutes they said   "OH  ok  yes"    They coudn't believe he ask permession from them to marry her. he would saying   It is disrecpect for the  guy if he won't  telling the parents  about his intention because he knew that married  life is  a  long commitment and sacred and need to know the parents first before he proposed  towards the woman.   definetely after for a  shorts vacation he made plan and promised  he wants to marry this girl needed a several sacrifices and efforts since his works are related to a big  companies.  I guess, would probably his planning to settle down   he realize when he got home hes lonely he has family but different when there is someone else who could take care of you and love.    time to time his face  is happy and has a big smile since he meet the love of his life the girl.    in between the person who fall in love what matters most is the patience, trust and  love.  The guy  was made a  trip  again to see his fiancee, it was memorable for them together all family are gather and most of the time the guy spend his time with the parent and his fiancee.  for his shorts vacation again   he had a surprised.  "  he has a ring to proposed"  he propose it when they are on the beach spending time together  witness  the  "loud of the annoying  wave, the birds flying and the noisy of the vehicles passing"  That wonderful moment you can't  forget it in your entire life.  " It's momentous and very romantic place that he made a proposal"   despite of their age has a long gap it won't matter ages is just only a Number tha'ts what i hear from people.  was a breathtaking  exciting and completely happy.  he marry her and brought to land of promise " United state of america" life is very amazing   everyday and you felt that you always feel the exciting especially you been together for many couple of years. these guy  never change has a good sense of humor and still priorities his family it would  " saying among 100 guys you can only pick the best one. for their life together nobody knows or one knows that  god want him to rest or in other words God,  wants him to take his life the  Happy love story  turns into a tragic accident. Those romantic moments from the first beginning on their life together won't be fade no matter how many years passed it would be remain in her hearts forever and ever.  she  believe in eternity, there is life after death.  she optimis to look the positive  outlok in life.    positive determined to move forward with her life, bring her baby up or raising by herself. we dont know wha'ts god plan in our life all you wishing  have a happy family to live happily ever after, but my belief is like is different, reality is even  more better than happily ever after. i dont believe in fairy tale love story  its just  a normal for human being to dream for finding a perpect partner but not, you won't base  it  in the  movie or animation, keep pray and trust to god hold tight so he can able to hear you and rescue from bad elements. We knows everyday in our daily basis there is a surprise from god. Sometimes we ask why he's unfair  to other people  lives without worrying their life because when you think a lot of positives it makes your life vulnearable, frusrated and depressed.

These romantic story can relate to  everybody else. everyone of us has a different disposition in life. my own openion  I never seen a guy like these.    his a genuin person and very romantic, humble, generous, and strong person too.  somehow, somewhere still hoping that her life would be a colorful again and the answer is " we dont know" still many stones she's going to steps before gets into another  relationship. meaning the roads is still wide and big.  it would be good idea to fucos her attention to her baby
that would be the best medicine. many opportunity waiting  ahead of her love is always there even you could not find it.  I can say very, very memorable story because that is ME our life together, how we meet,  and how we started our life together as a couple. " where we meet, and  when did it happen . the story  is, keep fallowing my blogs.  IM a type of person  that my life is open but not very often.  enjoy and read it. many things to say i guess tha'ts all.  
         hand are fully tired for typing.    he's happy now in god's  hands.  happy reading guys.



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